IBM DS 8700 Models 941 and 94E End of Service Life

Earlier this year IBM announced that 2424 DS Systems Storage models 941 and 94E will be at the end of service life on 12/31/17. Therefore, starting 1/1/2018 customers with these models installed will have a 3rd party maintaining it for them. Clients that continue with IBM will have an IBM 3rd party sub-contractor providing the service. Contrary to what one may believe, the 3rd party that IBM will use does not have access to IBM parts, RSF, or other resources.

Clients with these models installed, have two relevant questions:

  1. What are you paying for?        If the OEM is not using their people, parts and RSF; don’t pay OEM prices
  2. What is your best alternative?         Many 3rd parties will state they can support these devices but their service models fall short.

We offer Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics on your DS platforms. This capability enables us to provide true predictive, preventative and proactive maintenance. It’s our understanding that nobody else in the marketplace has true advanced monitoring and diagnostics on these devices (IBM not withstanding but they will not be offering it in 2018). Our support model includes engineers that are fully trained employees (no subcontractors!) and onsite parts. All of this at a price that we are certain you will find to provide you with a great savings. We believe the customers that own the equipment should choose when they will retire an asset and not have the OEM make that decision for them!