We provide our clients with real alternatives for post warranty maintenance.  We are not the OEM. We are not a 3rd party that claims we are the largest in the world or even just the United States. We are not focused on driving growth rates to satisfy private equity investors. What then are we and what do we offer?

We are very simply a successful long tenured privately held independent company that strives to provide our clients with OEM quality (of yesteryear) at greatly reduced rates. We are not utilizing outside investors to buy or replicate or expand regardless of possible losses in quality just to do so. We want to provide our clients with very good service which they know they can count on. Today, tomorrow and for the long-term.

How do we do it? We utilize the what we consider the pillars of our business:


If we are going to provide OEM type quality of service then we have to utilize our own diagnostic tools. We have proprietary tools to support the OEM logos featured to the right (logos property of the respective OEM).


Diagnosing the problem does not solve the problem. Availability is all that really matters so the system not only has to be diagnosed but it has to be fixed which means the parts have to be onsite. Not what we would call token parts stocking. Not regional centers but real parts at your facility dedicated to support your equipment. Of course, you can always defer the parts replacement to a non-prime production window but that is your choice; not ours.


Our team of professionals have extensive experience with the average industry experience over 15 years. Many worked at one of the OEM's previously.  Regardless of their backgrounds when joining the team, all personnel have Personal Development Plans to keep their skills, knowledge and training to levels necessary to serve our clients !


Parts, diagnostic tools and people are all contained within one organization. In other words, no subcontractors!  While business and technical journals today like to talk about the "uber economy", we don't think this is the right approach for service availability for your IT assets. Leaving things to chance is not the way to go with so much on the line. Face it, many clients find leaving the OEM for maintenance a risk in itself, so don't compound that risk by employing a vendor that likes to take chances too!


We provide a wide-range of OEM's and platforms for our clients specific needs. All equipment is tested and certified for our maintenance. We give our clients the benefits of new such as just one vendor to coordinate with but at a fraction of the cost of new. We can also provide attractive leasing alternatives to meet your specific needs.