Reduce Wireless Spend Significantly

Mobile technologies play an integral role at your organization leaving a major opportunity to reduce spend. Wireless Telecom Expense Management (TEM). Mobile Device Management (MDM), mobile application and security management are key infrastructure support services where a disciplined process, an experienced team and helpful platforms can lead to significant cost savings. Trends include:

  • Savings of 20%-40% in optimized mobile environments
  • TCO of mobility as more than that just the cost of the plan and device
  • Mobile devices walkaway but the expenses stay

Hybrid Maintenance

CaBO is a hub for all maintenance activities. We specialize in creating the best hybrid maintenance strategy for our customers by combining our software with support offerings from traditional OEM and third- party vendors. CaBO’s approach provides the most balanced, flexible, innovative and cost effective maintenance alternative to traditional OEM-only support. Our hybrid strategy will save you over 50% on your annualized maintenance spend while offering  extremely  flexible  terms  and  customized structure. Our SLAs can match your corporate culture and equipment criticality.

Significant Savings in your Printer/Copier Fleet

Most enterprises rely upon the OEM (or OEM partner) to report to them their usage, billing, asset counts, and more. The challenge is the reporting is often not timely, not easy to analyze and the recommendations are biased since the vendor may gain from usage and supply sales as well as hardware and services.
We offer a completely independent solution that gives you the information that you need when you want it and without questioning integrity of the data. We do not sell the print hardware or print services so this tool is for your benefit exclusively. Our offering has a very short ROI and we do all the work (most folks do not need or want any more work to do these days!)

Deliver Pain Free Device Provisioning

Critical mobility systems and processes are rapidly growing and increasing in complexity. Budgets and staffing aren't keeping pace. You're expected to develop, optimize and enforce performance and security standards, but instead you're hassling with phone for new employees and battling rough iPads. Trends we see include:

  • Wireless Best Practices and Policy Enforcement drive well managed mobility
  • Administrative paperwork and reconciliation are a drag on employee productivity
  • Optimized and managed security standards protect firms from worst case scenario

Cover Your Assets

CaBO is your control center for all IT service contracts and assets. CaBO allows you to centralize, organize, measure, monitor and manage all enterprise IT service contract assets. Simply load all service contracts and assets – OEM, third-party, self-supported, uncovered or outsourced – and CaBO will make your life easier and save your company money. Once your contracts are loaded into CaBO, you'll have complete control over your IT maintenance environment. Alerts will make you aware of expiring contracts; you can assess the status of an asset in your environment simply by entering basic data in the CaBO search engine or you can request pricing options and alternatives at contract renewal. CaBO puts you back in control


Next Steps...

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