The HP Wolf is Back: Christian Slater featured in Security Warnings

Christian Slater is back in a second HP video in the “Wolf” series. This time he focuses on healthcare but foretells future videos for other industries. The “Wolf” penetrates the hospital via a print device and brings the entire hospital down with a catastrophic outage resulting in the theft of thousands of health records. HP”s answer: “Nothing is safe…IF your office isn’t HP Secure”.

Sounds great, except what if you have non-HP printers or pc’s? According to HP, you are just flat out of luck. They are not alone as the other major print OEM’s claim to protect their devices only. We have a unique offering in the industry that enables clients to secure all their printers throughout their network at a price point that provides a very quick ROI. Let me know if you would like to learn more about our offering (we don’t sell printers, printer supplies or maintenance).

A few highlights of our offering:
– Solution matches HIPAA/HITECH mandates for ePHI
– Audited monthly records for compliance & audit response
– Industry exclusive current and up to date inventory of your entire multi-vendor fleet
– Enterprise wide cyber security settings against chosen metrics

Thank you for your time and consideration. By the way, you can check-out the “Wolf” video on YouTube. Here is the link: