Your Network is Exposed !!!

Your printer/copier fleet is “one of the most vulnerable entry points” for nefarious activity within your network according to many industry experts.

A major print manufacturer claims only 2% of the world’s enterprises have addressed this vulnerable cyber risk. This particular OEM is using a major Hollywood star in their media campaign showing how they can make their print and copy devices safe within your environment.

The problem is their solution only addresses machines that they manufactured and support. Most large enterprises have a variety of OEM’s deployed and therefore a wide range of entry points for cyber attacks. Most people think that they are “safe” since they have a large vendor managing their print services. Please note that “Managed Print Services” alone will not keep you safe.

The truth is that at best, part of your print fleet is safe but exposures remain. We have a very unique solution which works for all devices regardless of the OEM. We are not offering or suggesting a change in printers, printer maintenance or managed print services companies. Keep what you have but augment it with a quick ROI solution that protects your enterprise. This offering gives you the information you need to eliminate exposures in your enterprise network and by the way, shows you how to reduce the number of printers deployed as well.