IBM DS8800 End of Service

Yes, IBM just announced End of Service on the DS8800's, effective 3/31/2019 (models 2421, 2422, 2423, and 2424). This could possibly impact you sooner based on your renewal dates.  Just 12/31/2017 IBM end of service occurred on the DS 8700 family (2424-94E and 941).
The question becomes how much longer does your organization want to use these these assets?  The IBM Spectrum announcements sound great but what if you are not ready to proceed to the latest IBM (or other OEM) has to offer? We can help you extend the life of these assets and save you a significant amount of money in the process.
Our OEM like model and our Blue Bayou remote monitoring and advanced diagnostics make us a perfect choice to continue using your assets. Onsite parts, trained/experienced technicians and built-in escalation and support infrastructure.
We also support IBM tape libraries,  virtual tape and z Processors with our Blue Bayou offering.

Remote Monitoring for 3rd Parties

We now offer remote monitoring of your IBM and EMC systems as a service for 3rd Parties. We can provide monitoring only or monitoring with parts. Your choice.

Presently Featuring:

  1. IBM Z processors
  2. IBM DS 8000 family
  3. IBM 3584 libraries
  4. EMC DMX

In our opinion, monitoring does not mean heartbeat reporting only. Nor does it mean we force your client to work harder by sharing their screen into their systems via a screen sharing app. We offer true independent advanced diagnostics.



Your new best friend for Contract Management

Our infrastructure management offering changes the way clients manage their hardware maintenance contracts. We deliver a supplemental Managed Services Offering that will work with existing systems such as "asset management" programs. Highlights include:
  • Plan for future via predictive analytics
  • Reduce maintenance expenses
  • Mitigate risk on renewal notifications
  • Eliminate spreadsheets

This tool provides our clients with a very quick ROI and is very easy to implement.

25 years

Why Vendor Selection Matters:

Whether you are seeking a hardware or hardware maintenance solution or trying to optimize your contract,  it comes down to not just quality and price, but something many would argue is more important: Integrity!

Will your vendor audit the equipment and invoice you for only what is found? Will they ensure the term and PO start dates match? Sounds crazy but you would be shocked to see the OEM's and providers today that back date the start to collect "free money". Will you get what you were expecting? Are you forced to prepay annually? No refunds for removed equipment? We believe that you should pay for only what you receive. Not such a novel idea, but you would be surprised how little it is practiced!

Will the vendor really fulfill all promises including Service Levels and parts availability? After all, anyone can make promises but you need a vendor that actually delivers day in and day out...

Since 1992, we have been treating clients the way we would like to be treated. We welcome the opportunity to show you the AAI Difference!

A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold


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