Featured Offering: IBM Library Maintenance

Your IBM or IBM Business Partner rep may have already talked to you about end of service dates on IBM 3584 libraries (& various drive models) in an effort to get you to buy a newer model from them prior to the EOSL date. If you need the functionality that they are selling great. If not, we can help you extend the life of these assets and save you a significant amount of money in the process.
We provide technology and infrastructure services utilizing OEM like model and our Blue Bayou IP make us a perfect choice to continue using your assets. We have additional IP in the IBM tape environment for advanced tape drive diagnostics thereby giving our clients a complete solution in thier IT infrastructure.
Libraries that have gone EOSL include the 3494/B10 and 3584/L32. Drive models include many within the LTO and TS families. Even the Virtual Tape, TS 7740's have EOSL dates approaching.

Cyber Threats & Your Network Printers

Do you have a method to regularly verify all the security associated with the print devices across your enterprise? Closer analysis may very well not give you the answer you were hoping for. OEM's and associated "print management services" organizations only can confirm this as true for their own manufactured devices. HP will even state the only way to achieve this is by buying "HP Secured Devices".
Our infrastructure management offering is very unique since we will give you a solution to manage all devices security regardless of the OEM. A few highlights of our offering:
- Solution matches HIPAA/HITECH mandates for ePHI
- Audited monthly records for compliance & audit response
- Industry exclusive current and up to date inventory of your entire multi-vendor fleet
- Enterprise wide cyber security settings against chosen metrics

Your new best friend for Contract Management

Our infrastructure management offering changes the way clients manage their hardware maintenance contracts. We deliver a supplemental Managed Services Offering that will work with existing systems such as "asset management" programs. Highlights include:
  • Plan for future via predictive analytics
  • Reduce maintenance expenses
  • Mitigate risk on renewal notifications
  • Eliminate spreadsheets

This tool provides our clients with a very quick ROI and is very easy to implement.

25 years

Why Vendor Selection Matters:

Whether you are trying to optimize your contract and budgeting process for IT contracts, seeking a hardware or hardware maintenance solution, or looking to implement the first money saving module of your mobility strategy,  it comes down to not just quality and price, but something many would argue is more important: Integrity!

Will you get what you  were expecting? Will the vendor really fulfill all promises including timeliness, such as  Service Levels? After all, anyone can make promises but you need a vendor that actually delivers day in and day out..

Since 1992, we have been doing just that. It's the only way a company like ours competes and wins against the biggest players in the I/T industry!

A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold


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