M&A Advising for Healthcare

We offer M&A Advisory Services in the healthcare industry.  Hospice, Home Health, Home Care, and Behavioral Health are the sub-industry specializations. Healthcare is a highly regulated and very specialized type of industry.  We think the only way to effectively service our clients is to focus 100% of our efforts on thier industry.  We recommend healthcare businesses to not use a "general business" advisory firm and to not attempt to sell your business to anyone without healthcare experience.

We offer our clients the following two options:

       1. Buyside Agreements.

We have strong relationships with Buyers throughout the country. This enables us to properly match our Buyers and Sellers.  Since we know what Buyers want, we don't waste our clients time by having them talk to a lot of would be suitors that are not a good match. This approach is streamlined and results in great valuations. Many of the best Buyers do not participate in bidding wars. They often don't even look at the bids they receive given the large volume they receive from Saleside Brokers or Investment Banks.

    2. Listing Agreements or "Sell side".

Unlike many of our competitors, we do not charge any upfront fee. Under this option, the Seller pays our fees. We run what we hope would be a bidding process whereby the best offer wins. The phrase "we hope" is used since not all businesses have multiple bidders. In certain situations, this approach may serve a Seller best. We also recognize that for some business owners this is a prefered approach, which we will always accommodate.

Simple enough? Not really, as the decision criteria is rather complex and what works for one agency may not be the right fit for another one. We will walk you through the options and then you can choose.

   Common Myths:

  • My agency is so great there will be so many Buyers interested in it
  • My agency is so well managed that we are perfectly "clean" clinically
  • My long time friend is such a good attorney that I know he/she can handle the sale of my agency
  • A high multiple does not always mean a high sales price
  • My close colleagues will keep the potential sale secret